B2B Travel Payment Solution


European presence

Cost Savings

Instant Collection

Financial flexibility

A travel agency based in India helps curate vacations for European travellers. Ideally, the agency would like to be paid in Rupees without putting undo pressure on their clients. But the clients would far rather pay in Euro. B2B Pay solves this problem with a virtual bank account. The European traveller pays in euro, the payment arrives to the travel agency in Rupees -- and gets there faster and with fewer fees.

Without B2B Pay, your company:

  • Cannot open a bank account in Europe
  • Cannot collect or send domestic wire transfers (SEPA Payments)
  • Pays SWIFT fee of €30
  • Pays currency conversion cost of 3-6%
  • Cannot access local payment gateways
  • Suffers the Frustration of bureaucratic banking processes
  • Cannot collect payments from marketplaces like Amazon
  • Takes 2-5 days per transfer

With B2B Pay, your company:

  • Receives SEPA payments from 35 EU countries for free in 2-12 hours
  • Makes SEPA payments to 35 EU countries
  • Saves €30 SWIFT charges and +80% on FX
  • Takes advantage of FX conversion automation
  • Uses its IBAN to integrate with marketplaces and payment gateways
  • Accesses premium brokers to make global payments in 138 currencies
  • Gets Instant notifications of incoming payments
  • Takes advantage of online onboarding