B2B Salary Payments


Paying employees located internationally require additional manual steps that are burdensome and impractical for any business. By combining our virtual bank account and easy-to-use payroll software, the process if more dynamic and exponentially more effective. Instead of being needlessly held back by counterproductive processes, your payroll is simplified and at your fingertips. With our B2B salary payments, you can easily control each transaction, access payment history and stop payments when needed. Plus, there is no need for reconciliation.

Problem and


In our increasingly globalised world, more and more companies are looking to work with a global workforce. The process for compensating them should be as simple as paying domestic employees but often international payroll is painful for both the receiving parties and the company making the payment. This is profoundly inefficient and costly.


We provide a closed loop solution. With employers and employees on the same platform, friction in the transfer is reduced. The employee has a European IBAN number, so paying them becomes a simple domestic transfer. No complicated monthly procedures, no waiting, and no confusion.


Near instant delivery

Costs cut up to 80%

Have a global workforce

Instant Notifications

Mark is a Filipino employee of a European company. Unfortunately, his company could not find a reliable B2B payroll services company and there aren’t many good options for him to receive his salary payments. On a monthly basis, his employer goes through the complicated process to send them an international transfer and in the process loses money on the SWIFT charge as well as the 2-4% conversion fee. Plus, the payment takes 2-4 days to arrive - sometimes longer. With B2B Pay, Mark gets paid the same day while being automatically notified when the money arrives in his European account and when it is sent to his Filipino account. His company saves +80% on fees alone.

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