Here at B2B Pay we strive to innovate via co-creation. Hence, we much appreciate the ability of our team to work well together with others and we are always looking for ways to grow our family of collaborators via partnerships that nurture & foster our company values and shared objectives.

There is a mountain of evidence that suggests that the Fintech environment is ripe to become the disrupt engine that so many of us are dreaming of. Traditional banking is under attack with over 12 billion dollars being invested in the industry as of 2014, for example.

Openness, collaboration and investment

We are looking mainly for three things: openness, collaboration and investment. With these 3 pillars as our backbone any partnership between smart people should thrive and we expect so.


This is the heart of the digital revolution because it is through it that the mass adoption of systems happen. If you have an open source project that you believe to have synergistic value to our niche - international money transfer - contact us.


Many core and non-core services are offered at different levels of efficiency and if we get to collaborate on some of those, everybody wins. We want to generate more value to the industry as a whole and in order to create such opportunities, reducing costs is one of them.


The right team, the well timed idea, the technology that gives us an edge and therefore enables an entire industry to save money. This is where we want to invest our time and move forward with our innovation model.

The embrace of these concepts is key. As large banks anticipate the hurdles ahead, they are coming up with their own solutions but being hardwired to avoid risk, they do not have the power to innovate quickly. We do.


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