Bank Accounts

non-resident bank account
Grunder B2B Pay tar internationella banköverföringar in i 2000-talet med virtuella bankkonton. Det är nu möjligt för ditt företag att ha icke inhemska bankkonton i Europa. Med ett virtuellt bankkonto kan du ta emot betalningar från 35 EU-länder. Vi skickar dina pengar till ditt konto i ditt hemland under samma dag - på de flesta marknader - med 80% besparing i avgifter. Problem och Lösning Problem För många internationella bolag är internationella bankkontakter tidsödande, frustrerande, dyrt....
February 2021
Virtuálny Bankový Účet
Základy B2B platba prináša medzinárodne prevody do 21. storočia s virtuálnymi bankovými účtami. Teraz je možné, aby váš business mal nerezidentný bank. Účet v Európe. S virtuálnym bank. účtom môžete akceptovať platby z 35 EU krajín. Prevedieme peniaze na váš bankový účet, vo Vašej domácej krajiny v ten istý deň (na väčšine trhov) s 80% úsporami na poplatkoch. Problem and Solution Problém Pre množstvo medzinárodných spoločností, je medzinárodné bankovníctvo časovo náročné, frustrujúc a nákladné...
February 2021
Zoznam SEPA krajín (aktualizované 2021 verzia)
Pojem SEPA je veľmi dobre známi medzi Európanmi a tiež tých, ktorý majú úzke prepojenie s Európou. Predstavuje jednotnú oblasť platieb v eurách. SEPA prevod peňazí je iniciatíva krajín Európskej únie a vlád, ktorý zjednodušuje bankám prevod peňazí denominovaných v eurách. . V januári 2021 je súčasťou SEPA 36 krajín: Rakúsko, Belgicko, Bulharsko, Cyprus, Chorvátsko, Česká republika, Dánsko, Estónsko, Fínsko, Francúzsko, Nemecko, Grécko, Maďarsko, Írsko, Taliansko, Lotyšsko, Litva, Luxembursko, Malta, Holandsko, Poľsko, Portugalsko, Rumunsko, Slovinsko, Slovensko, Španielsko a Švédsko k tomu ešte tri krajiny Európskeho hospodárskeho priestoru – Nórsko, Lichtenštajnsko a...
February 2021

Business Finance

How to register a company in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is an investment destination for many businesses owing to its business-friendly tax system, ease of starting a company, its being a free economy and accessibility to mainland China and other Asian countries. For these reasons, many entrepreneurs would want to set up shop in Hong Kong. What are the requirements to register a company in Hong Kong?  To set up a company in Hong Kong, follow these steps: Decide on the business legal structure suitable to your kind of company. The types of legal structures are discussed in the succeeding section of this post. Pick a name for your company  Determine the structure of your company. Hong Kong law...
January 2021
The Financial Implications
With 2021 looming, the uncertainty over either a hard Brexit in the future or the materialization of a deal brokered by the cut-off date of 31st December 2020 continues to dog issues, including that of financial services passporting.  Banks located in the European Union and the United Kingdom will operate in two separate supervisory and regulatory settings. Those who provide financial services between the United Kingdom and the EU will no longer enjoy the benefits of the Single Market.  What are the financial implications of a hard Brexit? Since the deal was not finalized before the year-end deadline, it's hard to predict what will be the impact of a hard Brexit on the...
January 2021
The Lion City, Singapore, is truly a formidable giant in terms of its economy and technology. A supportive government, welcoming tax laws and suitable intellectual property laws with transparent policies have made Singapore one of the most sought-after business havens.  This small island nation has minimal red-tape for doing business and is one of the least corrupt countries in the world. It has a well-developed infrastructure that can meet all the demands of the business industry. The pro-business environment has encouraged investors around the globe to venture out in this country.  The majority of the businesses are registered and recognized as private limited companies in...
December 2020


Open Talent Fintech
B2B Pay wins BBVA's pitch competition for fintech startups against some pretty strong competition:
September 2017
What is an EBAN? Virtual banking, e-banking, wallets, payment apps, blockchains: The future of financial technology is anything but certain. With new competing forms of online banking and payments lowering the barrier to access, many barriers still exist to moving funds between platforms, countries, and currencies. As a consequence, users are forced to choose which platform to be a part of. So how does the user make a choice? What if it making a choice was unnecessary? Financial technology is undergoing a game changing disruption. In the emergence of the new “Open Finance” paradigm that blockchain technology represents, there is a need for consensus on the...
August 2017
blockchain banking
It's time to move the IBAN and banking infrastructure to the Blockchain and make it truly global. What is an EBAN? The EBAN is an electronic bank account number which is a global standard upgrade to the current IBAN system. The main features of the EBAN is that it is a global account and not tied down to one country or Bank. It is owned by the individual or company which allows for them to fully passport it.   Attached to the EBAN standard is a container for additional messaging services which we call the service layer.  The EBAN service Layer The  B2B Pay services layer for the EBAN is a multi layered approach to solve real world problems during...
August 2017

Import & Export

Transfering money
Transferring money from the UK to the Eurozone involves, of course, a currency exchange. However, since the UK is (still) part of the EU, and the SEPA zone, shouldn't the transfers be easier than when transferring from, say, the USA or India? Transfer through your bank SEPA only forbids banks from charging extra for SEPA transfers. It doesn't force banks from using mid-market exchange rates. And quite understandably so, given that SEPA is meant to be single-currency. It doesn't concern itself with currency conversion. As a result, banks tasked with transfering money from a Pound Sterling account to a Euro account,...
November 2020
SWIFT and wire transfers
Within the SEPA zone, consisting of 36 European countries, fees for bank transfers conducted in Euro are regulated - they cannot exceed the fees your bank charges you for a domestic transfer. This is in contrast to SWIFT (read more about the SEPA and SWIFT here) international payments, which can end up costing you up to €30 per transfer. Recently we encountered a customer who was sending SEPA payments, yet their bank was charging them €250 a day. How is this possible? The difference in fees Banks make no money from sending SEPA payments as the fees are either free or really cheap (20-50 euro cents per transfer). For example, when a person or a company in Spain sends a payment in Euro...
February 2018
Bank Transfer from Europe: Bank transfers in Europe are governed by the SEPA payment network. Single European Payment Area is an integrated banking system for the European Union. 28 countries from the European Union and 6 other countries under European Free Trade Association constitute the SEPA area. The SEPA payment system is designed for payment transfers designated in the currency Euro. The SEPA payment system works as a stand alone system with IBAN numbers as account identification factor, rather than using SWIFT codes. But SEPA payment system is designed to work well along with the SWIFT network in order to enable seamless cross border payments. Payments within...
July 2017


Stripe euro bank account
An increasing number of merchants are looking for bank accounts to connect to their stripe account in Europe or America in order to withdraw funds. B2BPay provides merchants with their very own EUR IBAN account and also a USD ACH account. the accounts are in the Merchants own name. The Merchants can use their B2BPay account to collect funds from stripe in both USD and EUR. and use our payments engine to concert currencies and make global payments to themselves and their suppliers.
November 2018
credit card processors for developers
Best payment gateways and merchant credit card processors for developers Payment gateways is not just about cost but how you can integrate them into your systems. The credit for this list goes to our friends at Active Merchant. They help you in integrating the payment gateway into your system. The actual list can be found at: GitHub The List below shows the name of the merchant and i which country they operate in: Authorize.Net CIM - US Authorize.Net - AD, AT, AU, BE, BG, CA, CH, CY, CZ, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, GB, GB, GI, GR, HU, IE, IT, LI, LU, MC, MT, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, SE, SI, SK, SM, TR, US, VA...
August 2017
ecommerce credit card processing comparison
where to find good ecommerce credit card processing comparison? This is a trick question. Sadly there are no comprehensive list for credit card processing or for comparing merchant accounts. Most of the lists are either not accurate or just sales material. Here are some lists we found which are credible: United States: TOP 4 MERCHANT SERVICES FOR SMALL BUSINESSES 2015 PayFrog Malaysia: Payment gateway integration options for start-ups in Malaysia Charge Bee Latin America: Top 10 Cross-Border Payment Services in Latin America Trulioo The best list is where you have people not selling you anything: th...
August 2017


India’s currency rupee can be made as International currency in 2 ways: By making rupee as a stable currency to enable International trade or to keep it as asset. By exporting more to other countries, so that other countries use these two modes of internationalization are not mutually exclusive. In a one liner statement, for a currency of trade, it needs to be a currency in which assets are held & vice versa. Internationalization as a currency of trade This is practically difficult task in the quick run. The reason Chinese Yuan is notably becoming a currency of trade, because...
May 2017
National Banks of India
The Reserve Bank of India is the central bank to serve the purpose of keeping a supervision of financial sector in India. Commercial banks, financial institutions and non banking finance firms works under the radar of RBI. RBI has main role in introducing offsite surveillance of banks, restructuring bank inspections, monitoring the cash flow, inflation, financial institutions and strengthening the position of auditors. Apart from RBI, there are Nationalised bank where, the Government of India has more than 50% of voting rights in the board. The list of Nationalised banks in India are: State Bank of India...
May 2017
Money Transfer Inside India
In today's India, real time money transfer is used by hundreds of millions of its citizens. With these services, it is possible to move money between accounts in real-time which moves its diverse economy forward. India's population has a choice of 3 distinct systems which are offered by all banks in India in various forms including apps in phones. A recent phenomenon is an initiative by the republic to have more control over transactions and help citizens after a series of measures that culminated in the demonetization of the country's economy. IMPS IMPS is the instant money transfer system, which can be used 24X7 for Electronic...
May 2017

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