Why Entrepreneurs Are Moving To Dubai in 2024
Dubai, and UAE in general, has a diverse economy with a tremendous range of successful industries including real estate, finance, tourism, technology, logistics and transportation, and more.  Its infrastructure has state-of-the-art facilities and a world-class transportation system. But Dubai is also known for other things that have made it such an attractive place for freelancers, startups, SMEs, and multinational corporations.  Here are the reasons why entrepreneurs are moving to Dubai in such high numbers, based on my own experience.  1. Business Environment  Dubai has made great strides in moving from an oil economy to a modern, service-based one. In fact, did...
April 2023
Due to digital disruption happening in India, the businesses in India started to adapt to digital technologies and started to adopt the recent trend in online payment methods. Due to the reformations and restrictions on cash economy by the NDA government, there was a rapid growth in the digital economy in terms of B2B payments as well. Still, offline methods in India are traditional methods of B2B payments. Few common methods of B2B payments used in India are: Cheques Paying by cheque is widely used payment method in India with respect to B2B payments. A cheque is a document provided by the payer to the payee with the details of...
May 2017
India’s currency rupee can be made as International currency in 2 ways: By making rupee as a stable currency to enable International trade or to keep it as asset. By exporting more to other countries, so that other countries use these two modes of internationalization are not mutually exclusive. In a one liner statement, for a currency of trade, it needs to be a currency in which assets are held & vice versa. Internationalization as a currency of trade This is practically difficult task in the quick run. The reason Chinese Yuan is notably becoming a currency of trade, because...
May 2017

Bank Accounts

What is a SWIFT payment?
When it comes to payments, speed is everything. Whether you're paying for items, services or sending money to friends and family, you want the transaction to be as quick and seamless as possible. Enter Swift Payments. Swift Payments is a payment processing platform that enables businesses to accept payments fast and efficiently. With Swift Payments, companies can accept payments via credit card, debit card, or ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfer. Swift Payments is also perfect for businesses that need to send out invoices or receive payments regularly. With Swift Payments, companies can set up recurring payments to get paid automatically and on time. Swift Payments is secure,...
November 2022
Cryptocurrency business bank account
What is a crypto bank account? Initially, private persons started to own bitcoin and stored it in their own ‘accounts’. In a technical sense, a BTC (or in general a crypto) account is LIKE a bank account: It has a unique identifier that belongs only to you, third parties can send to and receive from the stored assets in that account. It can store value (of money) and you alone can access it (as long as you and you alone have the password). It is an accounting class that must be reported…in theory, and by law.   On the other hand, it is very much UNLIKE a bank account The account numbers are universal, not dependent on any bank (e.g. the three first...
August 2022
What are neobanks and are they safe?
Neobanks is just one of many exciting names that apply to banks operating without physical branches. So called “challenger banks” started to spring up like mushrooms after the financial crisis in the late 2000’s, as a response to a system that lost its credibility and trust among customers and felt too slow, too centralized, but also reckless and unregulated when it comes to caring for their customers. Innovators in the financial system started coming up with alternatives that led to a booming industry, under the umbrella term of FinTech.  One of the most important advantages of neobanks over regular ones is their efficiency, speed and cost-effectiveness. These banks rely to an...
March 2022


How to transfer Crypto to a Bank Account
It is very likely that you (or your business) will have one cryptocurrency account with a neo-bank service provider and a (usually mandatory by tax authority purposes) traditional fiat bank provider. To avoid conversion losses, you may be interested in moving the assets from one account to another. Is it possible at all? Let’s assume that your crypto provider has both crypto accounts and services AND can store fiat accounts with SWIFT / SEPA network transfer capabilities. Your traditional bank naturally has those, but may not have crypto services. What are your options to use your money? How to transfer cryptocurrency to a fiat account? Depending on your financial provider, there may...
August 2022
Blockchain payment processing in Ccommerce
If your company has clients that pay online, you would want to be able to receive cash using the widest selection of services at the lowest possible cost and thereby enabling the largest possible amount of clients to pay on your site for your services with the easiest tools and processes. Problem is, your company may be tied to expensive local banking services, or maybe denied of even opening a bank account where your clients are or simply as a new company. Payment Processing companies Payment processor companies are tech companies managing a payment settlement network between merchants and buyers internationally. The main job is to authenticate the parties and...
May 2017
Blockchain cross border payments
When your company is doing business with partners located in different countries or continents, you will need cross-border payment services to settle the costs of the products ordered and services rendered. There are many possible ways to do it, depending on your and your partner’s countries of origin.   Let’s see what alternative payment options do you have: VISA / EuroCard MasterCard payment by debit or credit cards. Once you have a bank account (or any blockchain processor account) with an issued card, and also your partner’s bank has card processing systems in place, the job is done. Costs are covered by the seller, it happens...
April 2017

Import & Export

Business payments with Argentina
An increasing number of companies, institutions, and individuals, among other entities, are choosing Argentinians as working partners. The second-largest economy in South America offers an educated workforce that makes outsourcing jobs desirable. This is the reason behind the existence of multiple corporate hubs in Buenos Aires. In addition, the cost of hiring someone from Argentina can be up to half of the regular expense of an employee of a European nation. These aspects, combined with the exclusive goods that Argentina produces, such as world-class wines, make this country a solid trading partner. Why is settling payments with Argentina is difficult? However, since 2011, settling...
June 2022
International business with Argentina
Argentina is the second-largest economy in South America. Many companies, individuals, and institutions, among other entities, conduct business in the country or with people within.  This South American country is a hub of high-skilled labor and outsourcing. The cost of hiring someone from Argentina can be up to half of the regular expense of an employee of a European nation. Moreover, the country offers exclusive products at a much lower cost, like high-end meat, wine, and seeds, among other agricultural products, making Argentina a desirable partner for export and import operations. Economic situation However, since 2011, settling payments or having some kind of relationship...
June 2022
B2B Export from Singapore to Europe
Singapore is considered one of the easiest places to make business in. The ease of doing business rank is an index created by some of the top World Bank’s economists, placing this city-state in Asia on the second position worldwide, right after New Zealand.  These ranks use various factors, such as the amount and complexity of required documents, incurred costs, tariffs and time needed to import and export from the country.  Given the particular size and geography of Singapore, the mighty Asian city-state that doesn't have much space for industry or agriculture and food production, the bulk of its economy consists of goods that are imported to Singapore to be exported further...
December 2020

Business Finance

The United States of America is attracting foreign investors to start a company there because of its massive market size, availability of cheap capital and investors, and the opportunity to obtain a Green Card through business. If your Tapping the massive market of the United States is the ultimate goal for many businesses worldwide. That’s why many foreign investors would want to start a company or expand their business in the Land of Opportunity. With a company set up in the U.S., selling to the American market is made simpler from a tax and customs perspective. You also gain access to the American capitals market - thanks to angel investors, venture capitalists, the public capitals...
January 2021
How to register a company in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is an investment destination for many businesses owing to its business-friendly tax system, ease of starting a company, its being a free economy and accessibility to mainland China and other Asian countries. For these reasons, many entrepreneurs would want to set up shop in Hong Kong. What are the requirements to register a company in Hong Kong?  To set up a company in Hong Kong, follow these steps: Decide on the business legal structure suitable to your kind of company. The types of legal structures are discussed in the succeeding section of this post. Pick a name for your company  Determine the structure of your company. Hong Kong law...
January 2021
The Financial Implications
With 2021 looming, the uncertainty over either a hard Brexit in the future or the materialization of a deal brokered by the cut-off date of 31st December 2020 continues to dog issues, including that of financial services passporting.  Banks located in the European Union and the United Kingdom will operate in two separate supervisory and regulatory settings. Those who provide financial services between the United Kingdom and the EU will no longer enjoy the benefits of the Single Market.  What are the financial implications of a hard Brexit? Since the deal was not finalized before the year-end deadline, it's hard to predict what will be the impact of a hard Brexit on the...
January 2021


The fintech neobank market in Europe is heating up with competition and compliance fueling the fire. Can fintechs stand the heat or will they be fleeing to Singapore or some other business haven? This article will answer this burning question. But first, let’s take a closer look at fintechs and how the European fintechs market has overheated. Whether you’re paying for a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop using Revolut, receiving payment from a client for your freelancing services via Paypal, or trading stocks using an app on your mobile phone while on a holiday in Thailand, you’re enjoying the convenience that Fintechs provide. These financial innovations have become a part of...
December 2020
Open Talent Fintech
B2B Pay wins BBVA's pitch competition for fintech startups against some pretty strong competition:
September 2017
What is an EBAN? Virtual banking, e-banking, wallets, payment apps, blockchains: The future of financial technology is anything but certain. With new competing forms of online banking and payments lowering the barrier to access, many barriers still exist to moving funds between platforms, countries, and currencies. As a consequence, users are forced to choose which platform to be a part of. So how does the user make a choice? What if it making a choice was unnecessary? Financial technology is undergoing a game changing disruption. In the emergence of the new “Open Finance” paradigm that blockchain technology represents, there is a need for consensus on the...
August 2017


Convenient Ways to Get International Money Transfers in Ukraine   Ukrainians are receiving more and more international money transfers. Developing business with an orientation toward Western Europe and the USA, the growing popularity of the freelance market and active cooperation with foreign companies and startups create a need for fast, convenient, and cheap international money transfers.   In 2019, the country received about $12 billion. Still, most of the payments were received not directly but through intermediaries, post offices, or informal channels. Such terms as SWIFT and SEPA still inspire uncertainty and cause mixed feelings. They are mostly...
June 2020
Stripe euro bank account
An increasing number of merchants are looking for bank accounts to connect to their stripe account in Europe or America in order to withdraw funds. B2BPay provides merchants with their very own EUR IBAN account and also a USD ACH account. the accounts are in the Merchants own name. The Merchants can use their B2BPay account to collect funds from stripe in both USD and EUR. and use our payments engine to concert currencies and make global payments to themselves and their suppliers.
November 2018
credit card processors for developers
Best payment gateways and merchant credit card processors for developers Payment gateways is not just about cost but how you can integrate them into your systems. The credit for this list goes to our friends at Active Merchant. They help you in integrating the payment gateway into your system. The actual list can be found at: GitHub The List below shows the name of the merchant and i which country they operate in: Authorize.Net CIM - US Authorize.Net - AD, AT, AU, BE, BG, CA, CH, CY, CZ, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, GB, GB, GI, GR, HU, IE, IT, LI, LU, MC, MT, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, SE, SI, SK, SM, TR, US, VA...
August 2017

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