Providing exporters into Europe with a payment solution

80% cheaper and 80% faster

B2B Pay

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Invoices to customers
Add new payment details on
invoices to European customers
Next day payment
Next day payment to your
local bank account
Up to 80% cheaper rates
for international transfers
Collect payments in 35
European countries for free
Save 3 to 6% in banking
and foreign exchange fees
Banking delay

Banking bureaucracy delays and complicated B2B payment transactions

Currency conversion

Most contracts are in EUR or USD, with banking fees and currency conversion charges involved range from 3 to 6%

Wire transfer

Wire transfers charge large fees for international transfers

Top challenges

Exporters face many challenges when receiving payment from overseas customers

B2B Pay: The simple payment solution

Signing up with b2b pay allows you the following:

1Free signup
Free signup and upfront one-off compliance checks
3Individual Payment Account
Individual payment account in IBAN format for ease of collecting payment
5Full transparency
Full transparency about payment process and fees charges. No hidden fees.
2Simple flat fee
Simple flat fee for currency conversion and payment to your local bank account in your home country
4No banking bureaucracy
No banking bureaucracy and delayed payments allowing for 80% faster turnaround on B2B payments
6Money transfer
B2B money transfer to your local bank account at the best rates, saving you up to 80%

B2B payments for companies that export into Europe

We founded B2B Pay with SME exporters in mind. SEPA has provided Europeans and European companies and with a great payment solution that works across 35 countries. We now provide access to the SEPA zone to companies outside of Europe. Our focus lies on the United States, Canada and India, but we're open to other countries, especially locations with fully convertible currencies.

After you send us the initial documentation about your company you get your individual IBAN number assigned to you that you can use on your Euro invoices to your European customers. SEPA payments currently take one business day to arrive. When payments come in you are notified and consequently we send the money to your local bank account, we use the Bloomberg mid-market rate for that, and we take a fee of 1%.

We're a US company and we receive money from Europe on a weekly base. Thanks to B2B Pay our customers can make a simple domestic transfer, and the transfer and currency conversion between the virtual account and my US account is painless and a lot cheaper!

Thibaud Lucas, Experilang, United States

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