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    Every time you move money, you slog through a slow bureaucratic mess. You have a business to run, a world to change. You deserve better.

Global solutions for global markets

Our world moves around money. But more often than not, international banking is a murky, slow, and convoluted process. B2B Pay is built around changing the way money moves. With a virtual bank account by B2B Pay, your business gets paid the same day.

Working to build a better web of finance.

B2B Pay builds state of the art financial solutions based on robust, reliable traditional systems provided by giants such as Barclays.

International payments

Getting paid from anywhere, fast, is now possible. Our Tier 1 partners give you to access any currency. Automation means there is little to no effort to send money to over 130 countries from any country. We replace countless processes into one automated and seamless conversion routine.

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Virtual Bank Accounts

A bank account without the bureaucracy. Receiving money from your clients is easier, faster and cheaper. You get to monitor every step of the transaction in real time. Virtual bank accounts utilize existing banking infrastructure to solve serious problems like reconciliation, cash management, and pooling accounts.

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Fintech as a Service

Fintech is changing the financial landscape. Institutions that learn to use fintech will benefit from better integration, higher speeds, and lower costs. The latest technology is here. You are ready to use it. We are here to help.

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Importers & Exporters

Drastic fluctuations in foreign currencies quickly eat into international traders’ margins. Plus, the amount of paperwork can be crushing. With B2B pay, your profit margin improves by 7% to 20%.


Small- to medium- sized enterprises suffer from large banks’ expensive international transaction fees. With a virtual bank account, you are not only closer to your European customer but we also have a price structure made with your bottom line in mind.


Transferring money from Europe to developing countries is slow, inefficient, and costly. For an NGO, this is an unacceptable state-of-affairs. We offer an alternative.

Travel Agencies

The industry with the highest number of cross-border payments needs an international payment solution that is operationally efficient and low cost. Our virtual bank account allows travel agencies to give their customers a better user experience while staying in the black.


API Solutions

Tired of sending around Excel sheets with your financial data like it's 1998? With B2B Pay you can integrate all your financial systems with speed and accuracy adapted to the modern world.

Key Focus Areas Include

Virtual Banking Layer

Simple white-label solutions to complex problems. Our technological expertise provides you with the best financial packages — designed with you in mind.

Key features
  • Your portal to Europe
  • Bespoke corporate solutions
  • Access and agility where you need it

Virtual Bank Account

B2B Pay's dashboard gives you the exact information you need to know, in an easily accessible format.

Key features
  • Designed for convenient access across devices
  • Conveniently export data for use in software such as Quickbooks
  • Receive notifications by email and optional SMS

B2B Payments

B2B Pay provides the financial solutions adapted to the 21st century

First class customer support

Simple flat fee for currency conversion. Payment to your local bank account in your home country. Notifications to keep you in the loop.

Uncompromised speed and ease

No banking bureaucracy and delayed payments allowing for 80% faster turnaround on B2B payments.

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