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Siloed data creeps up on companies - the result of years of painful attempts in modernisation of infrastructure. The solution should be plug & play - that is - without compromising your ability to continuously deliver. Having an international money transfer API is absolutely paramount to sound business. Connect your treasury, banking, auditing and payroll system to virtual accounts to transform difficult payments into easy automated routines - done faster and more securely than ever, while notifying important parties.

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Customer’s needs and desires with regard to their banking experiences are rapidly changing. More specifically, customers are expecting more and easier customisation when it comes to the products they use. When it comes to a API money transfer this need is clear. This isn’t just true of banking either: people are growing accustomed to cherry picking services across sectors. They are disgruntled by clutter and even more disgruntled by inability to customise. The banking world needs to fight hard to stay ahead.


Open APIs are layers over existing banking infrastructure that allows for the seamless integration of services, customers, and bank accounts themselves. Companies that are properly prepared for an open API world will not need to anticipate all of their customers needs and react to them because they will be a part of an ecosystem of apps that can cater to these needs.

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An airline ticket is booked in Malaysia from a third party app and a small travel agency in Pennsylvania gets paid. How does everyone get paid their share of this transaction - from travel agent to marketplace to airline - while keeping up with regulation, treasury, auditors and payroll? It starts with an agency employee who is logged in a major ticketing system and has entered destination details. The system pings dozens of ticket distribution systems which in turn ping airline ticketing systems. Our international money transfer API then talks to all these systems seamlessly while at the same time adding a virtual layer on top of it connecting all the banks involved. The result is that millions of these transactions can happen simultaneously while various bank accounts are managed from one system: The result? Payment systems are integrated and everyone gets paid in real time. Additionally, auditors can plug directly to this system without having to rely on external auditing systems to collect data and - as a result - thousands of hours of manual labour are eliminated.

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