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The B2B Pay team is small and growing. We value innovation and energy. We're not 9-5ers. That means we get to come into work every day and tackle big problems facing the world. It also means that everyone here has skills (and responsibilities) outside of what their title might strictly suggest. We believe in a flat hierarchy, smart solutions and fun cooperation, both inside and outside the company borders. We want our business to improve the daily lives of millions of people.

We need gritty (and a bit greedy) universal minds. Are you a cannon or a blunderbuss? In other words, do you function with the precision of a laser guided missile or with the reckless abandon of a 19th century gunman? Great, ideally we need both in one.


We love free software and we give back to free software projects. We do remain practical and use non-free industry standard tools such as GitHub, Slack and Skype to communicate.

For All Tech Roles

  • We're cool with remote work - specially if you're in Finland.
  • We offer equity for motivated people.

  • Good level of English
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to work remotely and independently

  • Experience with working with startups
  • Reading/writing other languages
  • Experience with HTML
  • Public profile on GitHub, Stack Exchange

Meteor and/or Python/Django developer

We are looking for someone who has a deep understanding of the web development process, and is excited about being involved with the development process from prototype to implementation. You should have a strong understanding of industry trends that you use to adapt to new problems. You should feel comfortable with tight deadlines and confident about maintaining our brand’s language. You’re an effective communicator. And you have experience working with responsive and adaptive designs.

  • Experience with Meteor
  • Banking infrastructure with Meteor and Python
  • Blockchain experience

  • Experience with front-end development
  • Experience with using and creating REST APIs
  • Experience with building financial applications


  • Strong background in Linux/Unix Administration
  • Ubuntu and/or Debian
  • Experience with Ansible or similar systems
  • Basic programming skills
  • Security focused mindset, across devices, including social hacking
  • Experience with email, SMTP

  • Python, CI, LAMP, Drupal, Postgres, Django
  • Experience with Bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies

Writer, editor

  • Able to write high quality texts about financial topics
  • Able to rewrite existing text into better quality

  • Experience with Drupal
  • Experience with marketing, sales, SEO, CRO


Compliance with banking requirements is extremely important for our business.

Finance and international payments is super regulated. For a startup this is especially critical as we want to operate like a startup using the 'lean startup' way of thinking and at the same time be fully compliant in all our processes and our way of thinking from day one.

We are in the talks with the Finnish financial markets authority about applying for a Payment Services Provider (PSP) license. During the next few months as we build and grow our startup we want to work with people who not only think like a startup but also have a good handle on thinking from a compliance point of view and help us set up processes and documentation (sometimes it feels like polar opposites!).

We are looking for compliance rockstars that:

  • Know all about KYC, AML, sanctions screening.
  • Work closely with our compliance specialist in Helsinki to understand the requirements for payments regulation.
  • Create workflows and compliance processes to insure that we meet banking and regulatory requirements.
  • PSP license and regulators.
  • Involved in researching the latest technologies in regulation and how and where we can use them to meet our compliance needs.
  • Plus a dozen other things which will be fun and will get you thinking outside the box.

You will be a key pillar for our compliance, a core part of a fintech startup. Compensation comes with stock options.


We are looking for an outstanding sales-team member. You should be self-motivated and a fast learner. You go out of your way to fully understand your customer. You are focused, relentlessly, on improvement. In this role, you will develop a database of clients/prospective clients through cold calling, attend exhibitions & networking events on behalf of our brand, identify client needs, present our services to prospects, and negotiation with decision-makers. You should have a strong track record in sales, demonstrable commercial experience, and an interest in/basic knowledge of finance.

  • Ideally someone with finance sales experience
  • Leverages online sources and social media channels
  • Can put together a sales strategy

FX markets research

FX markets and international payments is the hottest thing in fintech right now. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who want to work in markets and FX to see how this field is changing due to the fintech revolution. Its also an amazing opportunity from your career perspective, as slowly all major banks are looking into this space to understand how this market is changing. Experience with a fintech markets startup is definitely a plus on your CV.

You will be leading a lot of the research projects on various currencies and markets that we will enter into.

  • Research the list of 17 fully convertible currencies from both market size and regulatory perspective and make recommendations which markets B2B Pay should target and enter.
  • Write articles on currencies and markets, talking about convertibility, international trade, size.
  • Research partially convertible currencies to check which ones fit within our business model and what are the various restrictions. For example INR and BRL.
  • Create an internal knowledge base for currencies and markets we should target.
  • Create an internal knowledge base on the framework we should use when entering a market.
  • Research the IMF framework on currencies and international payments.
  • +100 other things to do with FX, international payments and our business model.

Wanna work with B2B Pay?

We are happy to hear from you if you want to get on board.

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