Locked in a perpetual trial of endurance - which rewards the precise application of efficiency and speed - multinationals require custom banking solutions to simply keep up. To win it is all about the relentless elimination of time inefficiencies. With B2b Pay, treasury, payroll and international payments structure are integrated, reconciliation automated and auditing simplified.

Problem and


Large corporates typically have good relationships with banks. Despite this, they struggle to improve their insight into operations, develop better business analytics, faster data, and with the reduction of man hours in various routines. Furthermore, small payments -- often necessary when you have a global workforce and an international presence-- are overly costly. Traditional banks have offered little in the way of innovation to ameliorate these issues, so for large corporations banking has been a stagnant game. It’s time for that to change.


Fintechs can increasingly support corporates in efficiently analysing data, cutting down costs on small payments, lowering labor costs for manual reconciliation, and by improving efficiencies with treasury and payroll. A key component in the decision to adopt new technology, especially for larger businesses, is trust and reliability. Partnered with Barclays and Nordea, B2B Pay offers that as well as the agility of a startup.


Better analytics

Fewer man hours

Improved payment system

Fast Implementation

A large corporation has employees in several countries, including Brazil and Nigeria, that they send salaries to via wire transfers. With B2B Pay’s Virtual Bank Account, not only is the cost of sending the money lower, the payment arrives faster. Plus the corporate saves money with less manual reconciliation, better data analysis, and improved efficiency between treasury and payroll.

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