Nordea Bank - Accelerator Program

B2B Pay was participating in Nordea Bank's Accelerator Program in 2016.

About Nordea

Nordea bank was founded as a result of successive mergers between big banks in Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The Svecoman Union Bank of Finland is the oldest of the original banks and was founded in 1842. Nordea's headquarters in Stockholm has more than 1,400 branches with a presence in 19 countries around the world. Nordea has almost 30,000 employees taking care of 11 million private and 700,000 corporate customers.

Nordea startup accelerator powered by Nestholma

As of June 2015 Nordea, has over 700 billion Euros worth of assets under management and a market cap of 48B€.

Each year between 2008 and 2014, Nordea was named the "best provider of private banking services in the Nordic and Baltic region" by Moody's has affirmed Nordea Bank Finland's a3 BCA baseline credit assessment and confirmed the bank's Aa3 long-term senior unsecured debt and deposit ratings.

B2B Pay and Nordea

We are proud to say that B2B Pay was participating in the accelerator program of the Finnish Nordea, one of the best banks in the world, which has the additional advantage of being in the Eurozone. While developing our product, we have been getting amazing feedback from many of Nordea's extremely knowledgeable and experienced staff - including Nordea's President and Group CEO Kasper von Koskull. Within Nordea Masood, Arai is our liaison, who gives us access to the best people of each specific field.

B2B Pay founders talking to Nordea CEO Caspar von Koskull

B2B Pay founders talking to Nordea CEO Caspar von Koskull


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