International money transfer can take long and stole our profits easily. Here are 6 easy and profitable ways to transfer money in-, and out of Ukrain
June 2020
Stripe euro bank account
An increasing number of merchants are looking for bank accounts to connect to their stripe account in Europe or America in order to withdraw funds. B2BPay provides merchants with their very own EUR IBAN account and also a USD ACH account. the accounts are in the Merchants own name.
November 2018
credit card processors for developers
Best payment gateways and merchant credit card processors for developers
August 2017
ecommerce credit card processing comparison
where to find good ecommerce credit card processing comparison?
August 2017
Merchants often don't think to optimise payment gateways. This can directly cost them up to 4% in lost revenue on a sales Item.
August 2017
Risk of fraud for online ecommerce merchants has skyrocketed with estimates for fraud ranging from $100 -$200 Billion!
August 2017
Opening an account for credit card processing or a payments gateway is becoming harder and harder for ecommerce merchants.
August 2017