Blockchain Saving Account

Bitcoin saving account: what is a BTC savings account and how you can start earning interest with cryptocurrency.

Savings or investments are serious and important endeavours and with the rise of bitcoin as a legitimate alternative for those not interested in investing in fiat currencies, having a bitcoin saving account can be a viable option for someone interested in earning interest in a crypto-technology based currency.

There is plenty of people that are weary of bitcoin's price volatility and yet the main barrier of entry for this market is another: purchasing bitcoin can be a hassle and a rather complicated process loaded with risk since there are so many options that it is hard to make a decision if you are not familiar with the technology nor have someone that can help you in the process.

A bitcoin savings account is ideal for those that already think that the price of BTC will increase in value. Thus, with a bitcoin saving account you deposit your money, either in Euros, US Dollars or British Pounds into a B2B Pay virtual bank account and your money automatically goes to your wallet (with your crypto "e-wallet" address included). It means that your investment is safe because you are holding it. If you make continuous payments, it is possible to open your own virtual bank account and have funds transferred automatically to it anytime you want and get notified once a transfer takes place.

If you want to learn more about how having a bitcoin savings account is a good investment, please let us know by writing us at [email protected]. The advantage of doing this with B2B Pay is that we are powered by Barclays, and your money is deposited in Barclays accounts so you know that your money is safe.

A bitcoin saving account safety net

Not all bitcoin saving accounts are created equal

If you want to create a financial safety net for yourself and your family, you used to be able to invest in stocks, the purchase of a home and your 401k account. With markets changing, this is not the case anymore.

Moreover, governments are having to change tax policy in order to be able to payout retirement money to its citizens because they are yet to find a sustainable way to manage an aging and less productive population while at the same time being pressured by automation.

A solution that would appeal to those that want to stay away from traditional fiat currency based investment is to put money in blockchain based cryptocurrencies but these come with a considerable amount of risk. The markets are rather volatile and play according to the moods and the technical expertise of high stake players. For those starting out, it is possible to have a secure "beginners friendly" solution where you simply deposit Euros into a virtual IBAN with your crypto number attached. This way, the transaction is ultra simplified and secure.

How to get a bitcoin saving account

There are a variety of credible choices for you to create a savings account. They are all essentially the same thing since you can pay into a bank account and your money is converted by a bitcoin exchange.

Here is a short list of currently available bitcoin investment opportunities:

  • they claim earning of over 2.6% per annum, a secure platform, daily automatic credit and easy signup.
  • With a bitbond account you earn interest with P2P lending and it is a company that is trusted by many small businesses because these can get a loan approved in less than one hour.

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