How it works

B2B Pay is offering the best rates for business transactions from Europe to the rest of the world. We have partnered with Nordea Bank in Helsinki, Finland.

Three steps:
1. Sign up, with KYC, compliance checks
2. You get your own European IBAN number
3. Payments from European importers go through SEPA (free), then from your IBAN number to your domestic bank account (1%)

B2B Pay

Savings Case Study

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    Savings Case Study

    For B2B Exporters to Europe


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Export from India

Export from India makes up a big part of the Indian economy.

Indian travel agencies

Indian travel agencies often face problems when handling payments. It's cumbersome for customers to make international payments and the currency exchange provided on international transactions are usually far from ideal.

Legal note

B2B Pay is the trade name of B2B Trade Payment Services AB. We are registered in Finland.

We're in the process of obtaining a Payment Service Provider license from FIN-FSA, the Finnish financial regulatory body.

International B2B payments

When it comes to international B2B payments, there are not many options. In almost all cases, the importing company will simply initiate a payment with their local bank, which will then send the money to the exporter's bank, possibly through some intermediary banks. Each bank makes money on the transaction. Consequently, the incurred fees are at least 3% and can at times even exceed 6%. For a transaction of 50,000€, this can mean fees between 1,500€ and 4,000€. This means there is a huge potential for savings! Considering that most profit margins are not very big for global companies in competitive markets, finding a solution is important.

Savings Case Study

There are nearly 200,000 banks in Europe! All of them have varied fee structures between 3% to 6%, and processing times for transactions. Through which bank will your customer in Europe pay you and how much does this end up costing you? When you receive a payment from your customer in Europe they will simply initiate a payment order with their bank. All banks claim there is only a fixed fee of between 5 and 50€. But there's a catch: The exchange rate used for the currency conversion. You end up losing hundreds of euros because of this.

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