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Bitcoin bank account: how to get one

Bitcoin is surely becoming a force to be reckoned with as it breaks all the rules thanks to its strong backbone of crypto-technology that is - according to every expert in the field - destined to be the backbone of a new blockchain based internet.

The Blockchain is what makes a bitcoin bank account possible and safer and faster than ever. With such technology by B2B Pay, you are able to keep your money in a bitcoin bank account and simultaneously have access to either bitcoin or a fiat currency such as Euros ou British Pounds.

Security is also maximized via blockchain based contracts and blockchain based KYC processes which means that your blockchain based bank account is well leveraged against intruders, legislation and market fluctuation.

The main advantage that we have is that our virtual bank accounts are powered by Barclays which adds an additional layer of security to the system which helps curtail weariness related to bitcoin bank accounts.

In general, having a bitcoin wallet is what constitutes having a bitcoin bank account and there are many options available to you in the marketplace and these come in mobile, desktop, hardware and web versions.

A mobile version is what its name says it is, a mobile device application that stores your bitcoin transaction and codes and allows you to manage your BTC from your mobile device. A web version is stored in the cloud and it is usually popular with new investors. A desktop wallet is installed in your computer and nothing is ever stored in the cloud so there is an additional layer of security. Finally, a hardware based wallet is a USB key with special functionality that holds your bitcoin related information.

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