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In 2015 we were part of the first Nestholma/Nordea accelerator. The guys from Nestholma did an amazing job getting us from an idea into a real company, and connecting us to the right people inside the behemoth that is Nordea. The model that Nestholma has developed enables a close collaboration between startups and corporations, that clearly adds value to both parties.

The program has helped us develop our business model with a continuously updating lean canvas on a giant whiteboard. Two years later we still regularly find ourselves using insights coming from Antti, Jari and Topi about negotiating, hiring, building company spirit, talking to small and huge companies.

Let there be no doubt, if you somehow find yourself with the option of starting a company through a 3 month program with Nestholma or doing any MBA, even with Harvard, choosing the MBA - to put it mildly - would be a mistake.

B2B Pay founders talking to Nordea CEO Caspar von Koskull
B2B Pay founders talking to Nordea CEO Caspar von Koskull

Further funding

Nestholma has also helped us tremendously with follow up funding, both with the Finnish government agency Tekes as well as giving us the right start to be accepted by the top notch Barclays/Techstars accelerator.

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