Tekes: fundamental to our journey

Startups need a strong foundation and a bit of a push in the beginning. This is natural: when stepping into the unknown, it is a power move that is both necessary and rewarding. We have - proudly - been partners with Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. All our research and development efforts would not have been possible without the enabling power of Tekes. Its availability goes beyond money. It helps us stay the course by giving us strategic advice, facilitating access to industry insiders and providing legal tools that takes us closer to our global banking ambition every day.

The demanding path of growth for any startup starts with having access to knowledge. A strong strategy means that it is not enough to know a lot about software development, maths, growth strategy, the lot. What we had missing regarding this, until Tekes came along, was gaining special startup specific insight into realising a full growth strategy with real advice from people with real experience in the field. Tekes mentors are a treasure trove of sound advice on topics ranging from sustainable innovation, market fit, human resources and overall finding ways of getting an edge in a highly competitive financial market.




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  • Techstars
  • Nestholma
  • Nordea
  • Tekes

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