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Netherlands huge in re-export

Netherlands is thriving in re-exports. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reported that 591 billion kilos of exports entered the country in 2014. Out of this, 34% were in transit while 20% were re-exported. The two accounted for two-thirds of the total value of the goods that were exported to Netherlands which amounted to 625 billion Euros.

Biggest importers in Europe

The 28 EU countries made up about 15% of total world trade in goods in 2014 , a percentage that was surpassed by China's 15.5% for the first time since the EU was founded. This is according to data from the European Commission.

What is an Economic and Monetary Union?

The Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) was set up with the goal of integrating EU economies. All 28 EU member states took part in the formation of EMU. Together, member states make up the Euro area.

Treasury adviser, Banking advisor, Insurance advisor: all for free? Next year in EU, with PSD2!

New EU banking rules (PSD2) will bring about a renaissance in decisions about all the nitty-gritty routines which normal business owners struggle with. Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are likely to benefit the most.

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