B2BPay Brazil

Send and receive money
to and from Brazil

  • Dedicated bank accounts
  • Instant PIX payins and payouts
  • International settlements in SWIFT or USDT



Multi-currency IBAN


Brazil at a glance

  • R$official currency:
    Real Brasileno (BRL)
  • 211Mresidentes
  • 112,65Mregistered PIX
  • 78%of mobile transactions
    are made via PIX
  • 55,1Mregular online
  • 32%of the GDP is related
    to online transactions

Brazil Capital controls

Brazil is one of the more challenging markets in the world when it comes to payments. Many restrictions are placed on foreign companies when it comes to collect payments in Brazil and remitting funds outside of Brazil. The capital control also includes taxes, tariffs, volume restrictions, and currency restrictions.

Customers we support

We offer fast, hassle-free transactions for B2B customers in the following industries:



If you sell or buy products online to and from Brazilians.



If you offer PIX as a payment option in your marketplace.



If you operate any service such as betting online, sports books, esports, online casinos, etc.

Payment Processors

Payment gateways, aggregators and payment processors from across the world wanting to collect in BRL.

Regulated Investment Firms

Collect C2B payments for investment products like derivatives.

Crypto Exchange

Crypto exchanges and crypto projects supporting the brazilian market.


Features of B2BPay

  1. Unique QR code with PIX

    We generate a unique PIX key or QR code for each transaction that allows fully automated reconciliation.

  2. Full API access

    Retrieve the transaction history, generate unique PIX keys, and create webhooks and client notifications with our API integration.

  3. Website integration

    Integrate the PIX platform to your website with an iframe integration.

  4. Backoffice dashboard for merchants

    Track all your transactions and make payouts on our dashboard.

Your payment options

Within Brazil

Payin and payout methods
We settle the transfer within an hour!

  • PIX
  • PIX QR code
  • Banks transfers


International settlements

We can convert your BRL balance to…

  • USDT within 1 hour
  • EUR or USD via SWIFT in 1-2 days

We can top up your BRL balance by…

  • Depositing USDT, and we convert it to BRL within 1 hour
  • Sending EUR or USD funds via SWIFT, and we convert it to BRL within 1-2 days


How PIX works


Step 1

Generate a QR code

When a user/client wants to deposit funds, we generate a unique PIX code for the user and that particular transaction.


Step 2

The client pays through his e-wallet

The client can pay by scanning the QR code or entering the PIX key to their e-wallet or banking app.



Step 3

Payment status update

After the QR code is is generated in Step 1, we label it with a pending status. Once the payment arrives after Step 2, we label the transaction as complete.



No onboarding or monthly fees

We know that B2BPay offers the best service on the Brazilian market. Join our service risk-free! You won’t be disappointed!


Transparent conversion fees

We save you the conversion loss! When using a B2BPay account, the actual XE.com exchange rates are used, and only the settlement cost is charged.


No top up fees

You can freely deposit any amount in any currency to your account. We don’t charge any top up fees.


Transaction fees

Payin fee: 3%
Payout fee: 2% +10 BRL
International settlement in USDT or SWIFT: 3.5%

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Why choose B2BPay Brazil

We believe in making our clients 100% satisfied at all times. To ensure this, we only work with a hand picked top-tier clients. By this, we can ensure high-level support for your business.

We are fast.

  • < 1 hour

    for instant payments
    in Brazil via PIX

  • 1 hour

    for USDT settlements

  • 1-2 days

    for SWIFT settlements

  • Dedicated bank account
    for your business

    We don’t operate with pool accounts. You will have your own Bank account in Brazil.

  • Receive, hold and send money
    with one account

    Hold your funds in your account or use them for payouts. Request international settlement at any time.

  • Dedicated Support
    for your team

    We provide a dedicated Skype channel to support your team, and we respond to your requests within an hour.

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