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Improving the world via better public financial policies

We live in a world of advance communication systems and we share data more than ever. Still, this wide reaching data sharing stance is a technological chasm that banking has yet to give us all a chance to cross. When it comes to governments, the world's largest institutions, small changes fundamentally change the world for the better.

Take the example of taxes and how it is a profoundly politicized facet of public discourse. The fundamental challenge is: how do we get people and companies to pay their fair share and do so happily? We reckon we can give governments a chance by improving the transactions themselves, saving millions in the process, adjusting the government's approach to transparency to the 21st century and transforming situations such as tax evasion a thing of the past. What if we could make tax evasion virtually impossible at a large scale?

The end of tax evasion via virtual bank accounts

We are ready to work with any government that wants to create a tax policy that is adapted to the new political environment with people expecting a much higher level of transparency. This is much beyond listing where money goes in a restaurant receipt. This is about giving companies and businesses access to accounts that are financial in nature. Think of it like a reputation system that is connected with your taxes and current accounts. Imagine a citizenship with access to real time tax data about any company, charity or government partition and people with the ability to pay and collect government related funds to their account of choice. let's make taxation simple, revolutionarily transparent.

A new world of government finances

Evolving democracy while keeping a social safety net

It is clear that there is space for the evolution of governance. Fearing the rapidly advancement of technology and at the same time having little experience managing dialogue online, people are worried for their future. They fear a even wider gap between the rich and the poor. They fear financial uncertainly against the expectation that we live in a world where we gradually do better for ourselves and our families. The accepted public rhetoric is that all the characteristics of a financial explosion are im place and it could take down even the largest economies and with them the remaining fragments of personal freedom. This is a real feeling that people have and the most obviously safe solution - they claim - is to grab onto nationalism and use the power of the internet to vote for individual measures.

We think differently. We believe that through financial technology there is a world where fiscal accountability would resolve the problem of the current systems in place where those with knowledge of governmental management stay put albeit doing a much better job with being transparent and communications.

This would be possible with the large scale adoption of virtual bank accounts at a government level. With such a system, we could simply take anonymity out of the picture while keeping people's individual freedoms. With it, taxation would be transparent beyond a restaurant receipt with a list of taxes paid: it would be the nature of the system where accountability is proven at the grand scale.

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