Banking As A Social Network


Trust is the core pain point of transactions in general. For Example, when ordering something from China, a person does not have a high degree of certainty when it comes to the legitimacy of the transaction. The same goes for financial transactions.

Problem and


Trust is a big problem in all transactions and when it comes to money, it is a bigger problem. This happens because KYC is too slow and places too much trust on paperwork to account for behaviour.


Combine anonymous transaction data which is distributed via blockchain, internal transaction data, social networking security data and video ID verification to create intrinsic monetary value to business networking. In other words, if a person wants to have access to a multi-country global bank account with IBANs in multiple countries, they need to build strong relationships in a network an in order to do so we give them a financial incentive.


Higher security

Global Banking

instant Forex

Higher trust

Imagine a banking world with systemic self-regulation. Imagine a banking world where every user builds trust and gets paid for it while gaining access to a global multi IBAN bank account. In other words, it is not a bank that you get a bank account in, but a social network that you join, build your reputation and is gradually granted more value and access.

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