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Money transfers are closed-loop affairs, meaning that the leverage is in the hands of transnational financial systems and currency conversion is unavoidable. A solution that solves this problems is one bank account with multiple IBANs in multiple countries. You don't even need to transfer money anymore, your money simply becomes global.

Problem and


Money isn't global. International money transfers are an unavoidable consequence of a system that requires users to have multiple accounts in multiple countries.


A one account with multiple IBANs in multiple countries as part of a global direct bank initiative that transforms banking as we know it, shifting the balance of the scale towards users both corporate and for individuals.


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Instant International Banking

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An individual or company - when faced with the need to perform an international financial transaction - is required to go through a series of manual processes that involve multiple banks and multiple currencies. A global direct bank initiative takes care of this - leveraging blockchain componentry to create multiple financial access points with one single account meaning a user can get bank accounts in multiple countries simultaneously and manager it all from one endpoint.

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