How is the money transferred?

Your customer in Europe can make a simple SEPA payment. Euro payments in 35 European countries are handled without any fee (in most cases, or a nominal fee if there's a fee) and SEPA payments are usually settled the next business day.

As soon as the money arrives in your B2B Pay virtual IBAN account in Finland, we inform you of an incoming payment and initiate the transfer to your local bank account. And that is where you will save a lot of money!

Map of SEPA countries

Normally international transfers up to 250,000€ are handled one-by-one. This means banks have an employee process each transaction manually, which is costly and eventually ends up being charged to you through disadvantageous conversion rates. On top of that, if your customer pays you through a small local bank in Europe chances are the international payment will be handled by another bank incurring yet another fee. If you have transfers over 1 million euro it's possible to get better deals. So we pool transactions to get that better deal with our Swedish/Finnish partner bank Nordea.