When disaster strikes, it is an NGO that needs multi-currency fast transfer flexibility more than anyone. Banks often dislike the risks involved in this field and charge a premium to allow access to their services and infrastructure. B2B Pay has special systems developed with NGOs in mind, with its virtual bank accounts enabling faster response times, +80% savings in transfers to many non-traditional markets and more flexibility for your team on the field.

Problem and


Banks tend not to see NGOs as good customers. With high risk and low profit, they are often not afforded the same flexibility and privileges as other organisations. The result of this is that in international transfers to staff overseas an NGO is likely to face higher costs and more bureaucracy than a similar sized for-profit company.


By lowering the cost of international transfers, B2BPay helps NGOs increase their impact. NGOs pay more fees than companies and this has a direct affect on human lives. B2B Pay allows companies to put that money to use by hiring more volunteers or making their projects 20-30% bigger.


Faster availability of funds

Available worldwide

Instant notifications

Huge cost savings

A health education sponsor for Brazil that is based in Finland was spending 15% on international transfers. That cost was equivalent to what might have otherwise been spent on 1-2 more volunteers a month.

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