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Important: Please check your email for our Due diligence form and document checklist

Here is the list of documentation you’ll need to prepare.

    Company or business registration documents

  • B2B Pay Onboarding Document (sent via Email)
  • Incorporation document or certificate of incorporation.
  • A document showing who the directors and shareholders are (these need to be signed by the director).
  • For 2 directors their proof of Identity (Passport is ideal).
  • For one of the shareholders who own more than 10% proof of identity (in most cases it will be a director so it does not need to be repeated)
  • For corporate groups:

  • Incorporation document for the parent of the subsidiary (if there is a parent).
  • Signed organization chart by the director of the company (if it is a group).
  • Proof of Business to verify your business

  • Information on the business activity, brochures, product or customer information.
  • Copy of Financial Statements
  • Invoices from customers and to suppliers
  • Bank statements for last three months.

Further reading to help you understand the basics of international business banking

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