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If you have ever transacted online on sites like Amazon, or eBay, it is likely that you have used PayPal to complete the online transaction. Today, PayPal stands out as one of the most popular online payment systems to receive and send money globally. With online shopping, people are concerned about issues such as security of the transaction or being able to get a refund for an unsatisfactorily delivered item at anytime.

PayPal has made online shopping convenient because you can send, receive, and request money across borders with the click of a button. PayPal works in several countries, and it allows you to link a bank account, debit, or credit card to withdraw or transfer funds. PayPal charges a fee for transactions depending on the currency, and country the money is received in or sent from. It also has a 45 days buyer protection feature that makes it easy to ask for a full or partial refund. However, because of continuous innovations this electronic money transfer system has faced stiff competition from many other companies that include:

Google Wallet

This payment system is mainly used in the US although it accepts debit cards and credit cards from many other countries. Google Wallet is a digital wallet that you pay in store using the NFC-enabled feature on an Android device. Unlike PayPal, this payment system is strictly used by merchants, and you cannot send funds to Google Wallet users.


This electronic payment system is best for merchants based in New Zealand and Australia to receive money from other countries. It is simple to use; you just key in your credit card information without necessarily creating an account. Paymate is a secure system that does not share credit card between traders.


Also known as MoneyBookers, this payment system allows you to receive and send money to other users. Skrill works with debit and credit cards as well as online banking services for other countries. Each country has a specific fee charged for withdrawing and sending money from Skrill.


This also a popular online money transfer method with a presence in many countries around the globe. When you register for a Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard, it is sent directly to your doorstep and creating an account is free. You will be charged some fee to activate the Card, and once you have money in it, you can receive your money from your local bank. There is an annual fee associated with maintaining this card, but it is useful for both foreigners and US residents because it can be used different currencies.


This payment service is also known as AlertPay. Payza allows you receive and send money to more than 190 countries across 21 currencies. This service is mainly in Canada and the US but also supports banks and credit cards from recognized countries.

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