B2B Pay Payments API

We provide a no-frills virtual banking API.

VBA for exporters API

B2B Pay provides a solution to companies that export into Europe. Our system is 80% cheaper and 80% faster than traditional SWIFT wire transfers initiated by importers. We are building an API for international B2B payments. With our API you can create virtual bank accounts in various geographies and get the best currency exchange rates and transfer fees.

Payment APIs are changing the payment landscape. Export into Europe accounts for 2 trillion euro each year. If you're not a big player with a subsidiary inside the SEPA zone you are suffering from bad exchange rates, bureaucracy and delays in payment. B2B Pay's solution is simple and effective: global exporters can create European IBAN numbers to receive payments and the money is transferred to their local bank account for a much better fee.

API functionality

Our clients will be able to use our API for the following:

  • create a new expected payment and upload the required documentation for this
  • callback to the client's system when a payment comes in
  • manage the client's clients (e.g. so that we can also inform payers that the payment has been received on the B2B Pay account)
  • request a payment from the virtual account to the client's local bank account

This is just the basics at the start, the API will be more capable as we extend our offering. (E.g. possibility to open up new virtual bank accounts in various geographies.)

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