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Business-to-business (B2B) payment gateway offers payment solutions to international import export market traders. We do this by providing a virtual bank account that has a platform of merchant system payment gateway features that offer mobilized transaction services, such as cross-border transactions and electronic wire transfers, as well as currency exchanges. This allows us to keep solving the problem that most exporters face with losses that occur due to large international fees. Millions of SMEs do import export trading into Europe every year, and we strive to provide these exporters with cheap and affordable payment solutions that will help them accumulate good profits in their businesses without suffering the usual losses incurred during international wire transfers or international bank transfers. Our payment solution creates a virtual bank account in Europe for traders participating in import export trading to collect their payments from their home countries without much hassle.

After setting up the virtual bank account for exporters, we then automatically transfer these payments to their home countries for a minimal fee that is quite affordable compared to existing payment solution providers. We are 80% cheaper and 80% faster than all current solutions out there. We have partnered with big industry players with amazing infrastructures like Barclays in building these virtual bank accounts. We believe that together we can provide the best services to SME’S and at the same time bring Barclays a whole new set of customers from all over the world. Moreover, integrating the payment solution in global commerce has led to an increase in opportunities for export trade. Mobile commerce features of the payment solution also provide easier banking services such as statement inquiries, funds transfers, currency transfers and more.

We believe that our payment solutions offer great advancements in the industry of export and import trading with the best money transfer rates that save exporters up to 80% in transaction fees. Additionally, the payment solution offers such ease of collecting payments through individual accounts that are fully transparent with no hidden fees. Now international trade challenges faced by exporters are reduced, no banking delays with complicated transactions, no more large fees from banks or wire transfer agencies for international transfers.

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