Better way to receive money from clients than Paypal

When it comes to online payments, PayPal is a clear favorite. One of the advantages of a PayPal account is that the only requirements are only a valid email address and a valid bank account or credit card. It is possible to send money to anyone with an email address. A receiver can access the funds in their PayPal account by transferring it to their credit card or bank account.

As popular as it is, PayPal has some shortcomings. One is that a user's account can be frozen without notice. For instance, funds can also be frozen if they were sent for an item that was purchased online if a buyer makes a complaint about a seller.

Another shortcoming with PayPal is that it is not governed by the FDIC which protects bank customers. For this reason, consumers would risk losing their funds if PayPal were to unexpectedly shut down for one reason or another.

The better option

If you are in the import/export business, you already face challenges related to fluctuating foreign currency exchange rates. Perhaps you also experience delays in receiving payments which makes it difficult to maintain positive cash flow, a problem that may cause you to lose out on some lucrative opportunities. Having to wait for paperwork to be signed and passed back and forth between you makes the delay even longer.

Simple, fast and low-cost international financial transactions with B2B Pay

B2B Pay, a Finnish fintech company was set up to address these and other challenges that international traders. Our solution is to expedite financial transactions and to keep them simple, transparent and as low-cost as possible. With this account, you can receive payments in Euros through a SEPA transfer without paying any fees. B2B Pay will then ensure that the money goes to your local bank account for the lowest fees in the market at a cost that is up to 80% less than normal bank transfers. SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area and it is an initiative of European Union.

We do this by offering European virtual accounts that opens up banks in this region to you. To ensure fast and secure transactions, we have partnered up with two financial giants, Nordea Bank which is headquartered in Sweden and Barclays Bank.

This is in contrast to PayPal that charges for every payment you receive. PayPal also charges fees for sending money via a credit card or for receiving some types of funds. Users with business accounts are also charged for every transaction made.

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