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California payday loans

This is your guide on how to get a California payday loan   If you are in a financial quagmire, a payday loan can actually be careful as long as you plan, plan, plan! California payday loans, also known as cash advances are rather reasonable for the short term, considering that they will lend money even if your credit is less than ideal.  Here is our guide on how to make the best of a California payday loan.   BIG OPTION  

Are California payday loans legal?

Yes, California payday loans are legal for up to $300. Payday loans must be licensed and all of them abide by the California Financial COde 23000 and other civil codes.  If you have issues, you can call the California Department of Business Oversight or file an online complaint.  

A selection of California payday loans

Here are a few options for California payday loans for you to select from   LIST  

Here is how a California payday loan can help you out of a financial problem

Listing a few interesting features  

  • Easy access to money If you need a quick $300, a payday loan may help. On a store you get money the same day while online money is deposit the next day.
  • Easy signup You can apply with as little as 5 minutes and the process is fairly straightforward.
  • Use money as you please Of course you can spend the money anyway you like. We recommend you use it for something critical such as fixing your car so you can get to work.
  • Bad credit OK Even if your credit is less than stellar you can apply and get approved. California payday loan companies are more interested in you having a job than your credit history.


California payday loan fees

California payday loan companies have rules to follow especially when it comes to fees. Here is a breakdown of the normal fees.  

  • Annual percentage rate APR cannot exceed 459% for a 14 day $100 loan
  • Other fees and charges California payday loan companies cannot charge over 15% of the check’s amount in “deferred transaction fees”. If means that if you ask for the full $300 and your lender charges 15%, you will only get 255 dollars in cash.
  • Extension fees Rollovers are not permitted with California payday loans.
  • Collection fees Non-sufficient funds of $15 will be charged if your check does not clear
  • Early repayments You can pay early without having to pay fees


How to apply for California payday loans

As long as you have documents proving you are a California resident, you can apply from anywhere including web sites that offer California payday loans.   Here are some basic criteria:  

  • 18 years old minimum
  • American citizen or permanent resident
  • Regular source of income
  • Basic info: name, DOB, SS#, valid ID
  • Address
  • Employment details and income
  • Checking account details

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