Do you need a virtual bank account or foreign exchange services?

B2BPay offers the following services:

Virtual Bank account

  • 1) Euro IBAN in Europe to receive payment from 35 european countries
  • 2) The money is sent from the IBAN (virtual bank account) to your home country bank account in your own currency.

Foreign Exchange services:

  • 1) Use our foreign exchange conversion tool to convert to 35 Currencies
  • 2) Fx rates around 80% cheaper than banks
  • 3) Wire transfer fees of €1-10 compared to a Bank wire transfer fees of €30

For Virtual Bank Accounts and Foreign Exchange Services, B2BPay can sign up customers from the following countries:

    Australia Canada Cayman Islands
    China Gibraltar Guernsey
    Hong Kong Iceland India
    Isle of Man Israel Jersey
    New Zealand Norway Singapure
    South Africa South Korea Taiwan
    United States

    For Foreign Exchange Services only, B2BPay can sign up customers from the following countries:

    Austria Belgium Bulgaria
    Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic
    Denmark Estonia Finland
    France Germany Greece
    Hungary Ireland Italy
    Japan Latvia Liechtenstein
    Lithuania Luxembourg Malta
    Netherlands Poland Portugal
    Romania Slovakia Slovenia
    Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom

We cannot support customers from the following industries or activities:

    Adult Banks Bitcoin/crypto currencies
    Carbon trading Cash for gold Cheque cashing
    Collection agencies Counterfeit goods Defence / military
    Development aid Diamond merchants Drug paraphernalia
    Gambling Holding companies that do not serve a proper business purpose i.e. set-up to funnel funds from one legal entity to another legal entity in the same or different jurisdictions Illegal goods
    Jewellers Loan companies MLM / pyramid schemes
    MSBs Online gambling Pawnbrokers
    Penny stock trading, binary options trading & other complex derivatives or financial products in jurisdictions that do not have or require regulation / licensing Political groups Precious metal merchants
    Shell banks Unregistered charities Unregulated entities conducting activity that requires regulation

Basic Documentation to start a process with B2BPay (Please attach an English translation of the original, when applies) :

  • 1) Incorporation document or certificate of incorporation, Articles of association, and Memorandum of association.
  • 2) Official document showing who the directors and shareholders are.
  • 3) For 2 directors their proof of Identity (A simple picture of your Passport should be enough ) and Proof of Address (Utility bill, Bank statements, official government documents no older than 3 months) .
  • 4) For shareholders who owns more than 25% a proof of identity and Proof of address (in most cases it will be a director so it does not need to be repeated).

** In case of corporate groups :

  • 1) Incorporation document for the Parent of the subsidiary and shareholders registry for parent.
  • 2) Signed organisation chart by director of the company (if it is a group).

Proof of Business to verify your business:

  • 1) Information on the business activity, brochures, product or customer information.
  • 2) 3 Invoices to customers and suppliers dated in the past three months.
  • 3) Copy of the last Financial Statements if the company was incorporated more than one year ago.
  • 4) Bank statements for the last three months.

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