Does B2B Pay have permission to transfer money into India?

I am from India and started an import/export business. As I came to know that all banking transactions are governed/ controlled by RBI, does B2B Pay have a permission/approval/licence or any other facilitator to do banking transactions?

We comply will all international regulations. When B2B Pay enters a market we make sure that our business model and product works within the regulatory framework including currency conversion.

B2B Pay provides a payment service for payments leaving the European market, as such we come under EU regulations for financial transactions. We do not provide any financial services or banking services such as loans or current accounts in India. our service is purely as a payment remitter to save Indian companies time and cost when collecting payment in Europe. our interaction with the RBI is limited to converting amounts to INR where we follow RBI guidelines and sending payments to India which is done via our correspondence bank in India.