Factoring Agencies in Europe

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Factoring Agencies in Europe:

Factoring is a method of increasing the operational cash flow of an organization by selling its invoices (accounts receivable) to a third party at a discounted rate to overcome its short term liquidity demands. Factoring is a source of external financing which is famous among SME’s. In the search of external financing, 11% of institutions opt for factoring. Because of strong credit reporting systems like Schufa, Experian, Equifax in most of the European countries makes the factoring a credible and affordable method of external financing source in Europe.

Tallysticks: United Kingdom www.tallysticks.io

Block chain technology is used by Tallysticks, particularly an established and rigid record keeping, advanced data security and smart contracts functionality through which businesses are empowered with automated invoicing and also comfortable, economical and speedy invoice financing processes but still maintaining its transparency throughout. The company, in turn, has created an excellent and solid bookkeeping framework that develops a trusted practice amongst both transaction participants as well as authorized third-parties, for keeping track of when, how and if payments, the issue of invoice, financing, and settlements were performed.

Marketinvoice: United Kingdom www.marketinvoice.com

Marketinvoce provides a type of invoice finance, designed for innovative and growing businesses. It is a platform with pending invoices dated for 30-120 days. It is an easy process where the businesses can sign up to the portal online, upload it, sell an invoice and draw the funds on the same day. The best part is there is no obligation to make contracts, hidden charges or guarantees.

Advanon: Switzerland www.advanon.com

Advanon provides an online platform for SMBs looking for short-term financing to sell their invoices to financial Investors. Instant improvement of the cash balance of SMBs can be done and access to alternative short-term investments are given to investors who get benefitted with can a substantial yearly return.

Finexkap: France www.finexkap.com

Short-term funding solutions are offered by Finexknap with no volume and/or time frame conditions. Focus on just a few click easy-to-use features, helps French SMEs to sell their receivables and gain access to working capital financing with a competitive advantage compared to traditional factoring services from other companies. Finexkap is based on a novel financial securitization structure. In reality, this issuance of securitized paper is usually carried out by Finexkap AM (Finexkap’s subsidiary), which holds a fund manager license for alternative investment from the French Financial Markets Authority.

Debitos: Germany www.debitos.de

Debitos is considered to be the first real time factoring platform in Europe. As a marketplace for receivables, it gives participating small to medium size businesses an opportunity to sell their receivables to investors in an effortless and transparent way. On the other hand, the market place presents to investors the opportunity to lay out in receivables and to provide support to the German SME´ industry. Self-financing is done through charging transaction fees and charges for different services like contact research, scoring, and trust services.


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