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One of the factors that can be attributed to the growth is the ease of doing business in Finland thanks to B2B payment systems. These systems are very helpful for expediting transactions conducted on exchanges as well as those conducted between trading partners.


B2B payment systems offer can offer additional services to international traders:

  • assessment of the creditworthiness of buyer to seller or a guarantee of payment to the seller,
  • some guarantee to the buyer that the goods purchased will be of the expected quality and will be delivered,
  • facilitating sellers to do business with parties they don't know without fear of being defrauded,
  • facilitating faster payments to the seller,
  • keeping the cost of international transactions low,
  • eliminating the hassle of manual transactions,
  • providing reports on the process of transactions such as dispatch and delivery of goods, invoicing and other processes.

B2B transactions made fast, simple and affordable

As a business whose customers are primarily other businesses, you may have encountered problems in initiating or completing international trading transactions because of challenges in making and receiving payments. B2B Pay, a Finnish based B2B payment system, understands these challenges and provides a comprehensive solution.

Many of customers have found a gateway not just to Finland but to the whole of Europe by using our services. We remove obstacles and simplify international trade in three steps:

  1. We make the paperwork simple. All you have to do is provide the necessary documentation at sign-up. We then carry out a KYC/AML compliance and ensure that the banks and authorities involved get the necessary documentation so that transactions will go through without a problem and without delays. From here, transactions are virtual or web-based.

  2. We provide an EUR payment account in Finland. With this account, you can receive payments from 35 countries in Europe at no cost. Compare this with the cost of wire transfers.

  3. You get immediate notification of received money which we dispatch to your local account for the lowest fee in the market.

You can trust us because we handle your money through Nordea Bank with headquarters in Sweden. It is one of the most respected banks in the world. Also, we are controlled by the Finnish banking authority.


Moving you forward

Our goal is to move you forward by simplifying the process of making and receiving your payments. Give us a chance and we will move you and your import/export business forward.

Join the 10 thousand plus businesses already with B2B Pay