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Relying on manually reconciled invoices is not the only available option for your business. B2B Pay now combines an easy invoicing system with its virtual bank account. With a few clicks you can issue an invoice with your banking details and customers can pay you with simple domestic payments. No extra software, no extra work. Payments arrive to your B2B Pay account and are instantaneously transferred to your bank in your country - in your own currency - and everyone is notified.

Problem and


As a small business, when you invoice customers overseas it is a massive hassle. You need an invoicing solution that is professional, meets standards, and makes it as easy as possible for your customer to pay you.


With our solution with B2B Pay, a business can issue an invoice with a few clicks. Thanks to our virtual bank account technology, customers can pay the invoice with one click -- similar to a simple domestic payment. When a payment arrives in your VBA, you are notified immediately and the payment is sent to your master bank account - in your own currency - in your home country.




Invoice financing

Invoice factoring

A global exporter relies on traditional software and emails to issue hundreds, sometimes thousands of invoices every month which then need to be reconciled manually which is laborious and expensive. B2B Pay's solution connects your invoices with your international customers and your local bank account seamlessly via its software and your virtual bank account. The results are substantial cost and time savings.

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