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Using a deficient payment solution can end up costing a lot of money to a business. Payment consultants help them find the right solution for each use case. The fact of the matter is, there are so many payment solutions out there, each focusing on being the most efficient in a very specific bracket. It ends up being a full time job to keep track of all of them.

Problem and

Many small businesses are too focussed on their products to be able to justify a full time position in financial analysis.


A payment consultant can bring the expertise required for a fraction of the cost of an internal expert.


Payment consultancies can advise you on the proper way to deploy mobile payments, international payments, chargeback reduction and generaly streamline and simplify your payment processes.

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While we, at B2B Pay, have a lot of combined expertise in financial technology (fintech), we are very focused on designing the most efficient financial service for a very specific use case: helping global exporters get paid by their Euro-based customers.

If you happen to be trying to solve that particular problem, look no more. With B2B Pay, you can have your own non-resident bank account in Euro that you can give out to your customers for free and seamless payment. When the money arrives on your Euro account, we instantly forward it to your country's bank account for the incredibly low fee of 1%, when it can cost up to 6% with traditional banks.

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Payments consulting firms

The number of available channels for payment processing have recently exploded. As a result, most payment consulting firms are quite small and new. You will likely find small practices with few employees, if any, and prices are likely to vary a lot. It would be wise to get at least two quotes before hiring a consultant.

Payment processing companies

Beyond the big names such as Visa/Mastercard and Internet giants such as Paypal, you'll find that the market for payment processing companies is quite prolific. Payment processing becomes more complicated when borders and other currencies are involved, so you will find many local actors. Stripe, for example, is only available in 25 countries, while Dwolla (USA) and Yandex Money (Russia) are single-country services.

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