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In Europe, Amazon has created unified marketplaces, which makes it possible for merchants to create and manage product offers in the UK, France, Denmark, Italy and Spain. As a merchant, you control your product offerings and areas of sale as well as manage your European business from one seller account. Upon registration, your seller account is automatically enabled to sell in all other Amazon European marketplaces.

In addition, you will be required to meet Amazon merchant rules that apply in the country where you sell. These are basic rules that are put in place to ensure buyers enjoy shopping on Amazon as much as possible. One of these rules is about taxes. You need to understand and adhere to local and European tax and regulatory requirements. Sellers should also know that as a merchant in any Amazon marketplace in Europe, there are per-item fees for every country that are payable to Amazon when an item is sold.

Processing of payments

The way Amazon payments work is that funds are transferred to a seller's account after a payment is made to them for an item they have sold. The funds then automatically go to the seller's bank account when the next scheduled settlement date rolls around. Amazon Payments first settles a seller's account 14 days after the first business day when the corresponding transactions were completed. You will usually need to wait 1 to 2 days for the funds to be reflected in your bank account.

Requirements for settlement of an account

For your account as a seller to be settled, Amazon requires that:

  • You have a positive account balance, due to the fact your balance can be reduced by outgoing customer refunds, reserve and any fees that apply.
  • You have given bank account information that is valid in Seller Central.

Capturing payments

Once you dispatch your order as a seller, you have to capture payment for you to get your payment from the buyer. You can do this using the Amazon Payments APIs to collect payment from a buyer using the information the customer gave in their order. Without capturing payment, you will not be able to get paid for an item that you have sold. If 180 calendar days elapse after an order was placed, you will not be able to authorize further payments.

What we can do for you

Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of tools that are used to build a computer program that serves a particular function. As a seller selling in different markets, you need an API that will allow you to streamline transactions in both local and outside markets like unified EU Amazon markets.

We provide API solutions for international sellers on Amazon and other online marketplaces. Our solutions automate payment processes and catch inaccuracies and oversights on time because you get real-time reports. Our solutions are compliant with EU regulations.

Contact us today and make use of our solutions to grow and expand your online business as a merchant on online selling platforms.

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