How do I access 36 European countries with one virtual bank account, with no additional fees?

As part of the SEPA agreement, 36 European countries agreed that payment transfers within any of these 36 countries will be treated the same as a domestic transfer. For example you can transfer money from Germany to Netherlands for free as the current domestic charges within Germany for electronic transfers is free.

We use this system by setting up your payment account in Finland which allows you to receive payment from the whole SEPA area for free. This payment account is virtual bank account, you get your individual IBAN number and the account can only be used to receive payments. As soon as payment comes in B2B Pay notifies you and sends the money to your local bank account for a fee of 1%.

This also benefits your customer, as they can transfer their payment to your virtual IBAN account with the same procedure and for the same price as a local electronic transfer which in most European countries is free!