Virtual IBAN

At the current rate, companies that integrate or replace their banking systems with virtual IBAN based cloud software will outgrow traditional installed infrastructure in under 10 years. The result of failing to do so takes away a corporation’s ability to maintain its competitive edge. The difference between winning and losing - such as having margin for reinvestment - is in the 10-20% loss in profit margins thanks to outdated systems that demand high fees. This is what B2B Pay offers: because of its virtual IBANs made available to any company with a global presence and global clients, we can help you increase your profit margins by simply having you not paying a bank to get paid.

Imagine this for a second: they can do it, they want to do it, but it is impossible thanks to their clients. Hence the importance of startups like B2B Pay that are paving the way for better banking for every business. A virtual IBAN in the EU is a company's ticket to better and faster transparent banking. It allows a firm to alter its financial structure to a new reality of more availability of cash. This happens because with a virtual IBAN your customers pay you in the EU with a simple SEPA transfer which is then transferred to your home bank account right away - often in under 24 hours.

If your company needs virtual IBANs to create a product offer we are able to issue IBANs and related services so you can, for example:

  • Issue IBANs on the fly
  • Connect accounting software to virtual IBANs
  • Dynamically update software according to receivables
  • Pay people anywhere in the world
  • Log changes to your ledger to auditing software
  • Resolve reconciliation issues of all kinds
  • Reduce costs related to accounting, treasury and auditing

These are possible because our API is open. This means that with B2B Pay you can access our software directly and create any banking related service that your company needs. Perhaps you are looking for a way to read incoming transactions and analyse this data thoroughly and offer services to your clients based on this analysis. Perhaps all you need is to move money to an exotic country where field workers need liquidity to operate. Perhaps your firm needs to connect your accounting and tax system directly to your government's bank. These are all possible thanks to virtual IBANs in its various configurations.

A virtual IBAN regulatory infrastructure is similar to that of a traditional bank. The difference is in how it is implemented and the speed in which this happens. Instead of doing manual entries and reconciliation, IBANs are created instantly and are kept in redundant encrypted high tech servers in the cloud with virtually zero chance of security breaks or downtime. In other words, virtual means fast, independent, reliable infrastructure the same way a server in the cloud is inherently more reliable than a home server because it is just sitting there.

A virtual IBAN is business empowerent. It gives companies a chance to keep more of their hard earned cash in their pockets while also making it more of it more readily available. Banking is in the midst of a coming of age party, with a new great life of possibilities ahead of itself and those that capitalize on this easy to setup solution, the financial gains are clear. Take for example, Smiths Autotech of India, a supplier for Mercedes Benz. They sell 2 million a year to Mercedes Benz yet their bank charges a hardly believable 20% in FX and transfer fees. They used to lose 20% of their profit just to get paid. This is no more thanks to B2B Pay.


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