Netherlands huge in re-export

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Netherlands is thriving in re-exports. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reported that 591 billion kilos of exports entered the country in 2014. Out of this, 34% were in transit while 20% were re-exported. The two accounted for two-thirds of the total value of the goods that were exported to Netherlands which amounted to 625 billion Euros. Goods in transit and re-exports have a higher value when the value is indicated in Euros.

In fact, with a mere 17 million inhabitants the Netherlands is still EU's 3rd biggest importer! And thanks to Brexit it will soon be number two, right after Germany.

Getting a piece of the pie

Perhaps you are an entrepreneur looking to position themselves in this lucrative export business to Netherlands. Entering the international market has its challenges. One of the biggest is the financial transactions related to international trade. There is also the foreign exchange rates which are constantly and unpredictably fluctuating, delays in receiving payments and the risk of not receiving payments at all.

The good news is that these are challenges that can be overcome with B2B payment solutions. These systems offer several advantages:

  • they speed up financial transactions,
  • they provide a guarantee of payment to sellers by ensuring they do have the funds to pay for goods received,
  • they keep the cost of international transactions low,
  • they make it a possible for traders to concentrate on their core business and not spend so much time chasing payments and carrying out transactions at banks and other financial transactions.

The B2B Pay solution

B2B Pay is proud to be associated with some of the leading companies that are thriving with the Netherlands exports business. With our virtual bank account that gives you access to the Netherlands and 34 other SEPA countries we have helped many SMEs enter and grow in the import/export business with our services. Our strength is in the virtual accounts we open for our clients. Your virtual account becomes a base for your operations in Netherlands and the rest of the Europe. This account comes with a European IBAN and you will be able to use it to maximize returns with the most favorable currency exchange rates and transfer fees available in the market. This virtual bank account which works a bit like a proxy or VPN, but then for payments, also opens doors to your importer's local banks where you access the best foreign exchange rates and transfer rates.

Contact us today and take advantage of our services to get a piece of the lucrative exports in Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Your success is our success.

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