Checking and savings account are two terms that are causing confusion when choosing the right bank account. Let's see what is the difference between checking and savings account.
June 2020
Why is it hard to open a bank account for new businesses?
Nowadays, more and more people are starting online businesses. However, many start-ups meet their demise due to a lack of services available to them regarding the collection of payment. Despite the importance of having a bank account for your business, there seem to be more and more hurdles one has...
March 2020
virtual bank accounts for IT outsourcing
Why should an IT outsourcing company need a European Bank account?
February 2019
crypto bank account
Are you one of the thousands who've been requesting crypto friendly bank accounts? B2BPay is finally able to offer crypto currency enabled bank accounts.
January 2019
A designated bank account means that a customer or company gets an account under their own name. The bank account number or IBAN is unique or designated to the customer and not shared with other customers.
November 2018
B2B Pay provides online bank accounts for Indian businesses who conduct businesses overseas. The accounts are ideal for Indian Businesses that have customers in Europe or America.
November 2018
multi currency account
Multi-Currency accounts and Multi-currency IBAN seem to be the rage in the payments world, especially when it comes to large ecommerce players. But what is the difference?
November 2018
How to make SEPA payments
In this article, we will show you, step by step, how to make SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) bank transfers.
May 2018
B2BPay offers the following services: Virtual Bank account
February 2018